JK Rowling backs feminist friend being bullied by Twitter: Social media giant sides with trans rights activists in free speech war by refusing to unlock entrepreneur’s account unless she DELETES tweet ‘quoting UK LAW’

Twitter has today been hauled into a free speech row after locking a feminist entrepreneur out of her account over a Tweet which she claims ‘quotes UK law’.

Angela Wild says she is no longer allowed to use her business account after Tweeting: ‘All men should be banned from women-only spaces – and they are’.

She says the comment is a quote of UK equality law – which allows single sex services to be provided in certain circumstances.

The 44-year-old businesswoman, who uses the Twitter account to promote her company’s feminist art and clothing, says she has pleaded her case with the social media firm in a bid to get her account back.

However she claims moderators have told her she will not be able to wrestle back full control of account – which has more than 11,000 followers – until she deletes the Tweet.

Feminist groups claim Twitter has given in to pressure by trans activists by locking Ms Wild’s account and have attempted to rally around the entrepreneur.

And today Harry Potter author JK Rowling – who has become a leading feminist voice on social media  – shared her support, by retweeting a post from Ms Wild’s friend about her situation.

Speaking about her experience to MailOnline, Ms Wild said: ‘I’m outraged at the thought that moderators on Twitter are making decision like this and taking action against a Tweet about something that is legal in the UK.

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