Elon Musk Praised by China For His Taiwan Proposal (Because it suits their agenda for Taiwan)

After Elon Musk said Taiwan could be made into “a special administrative zone” under the Chinese regime’s control, he was praised by Beijing, but Taipei had a different response.

Neither Taiwan nor any other country would accept a proposal to change a democratic country into a special administrative region of an authoritarian-led country to benefit corporate investment, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council stated on Oct. 9, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

The council stated that Musk’s proposal is based on business interests and invited the chief executive officer of Tesla and SpaceX to visit democratic Taiwan.

“We welcome Musk and other international business people to visit Taiwan and learn the democracy, freedom, innovation, and development in Taiwan … which are starkly different from the authoritarian market system and malicious coercion and suppression under the [Chinese] Communist Party.”

The response comes after Musk weighed in on tensions regarding Taiwan in an interview with Financial Times that was published on Oct. 7.

Musk suggested that conflict over Taiwan is inevitable. He also discussed how Tesla, which has a factory in Shanghai that manufactures up to half of the company’s electric cars, and other global companies would be affected if China invades Taiwan.
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