Electric Cars “Perpetuate Racism” – Guardian


Electric cars and wind turbines have many faults, but whoever knew that they were racist.

One of the small line of duty burdens in writing these articles is having to read the Guardian and listen to the BBC. But where else would one gain this valuable insight into some of the pressing issues of the day? The world’s reliance on hi tech solutions such as electric cars and wind turbines to fix climate and ecological crises is “perpetuating racism”, reports the Guardian. According to the UN racism rapporteur Tendayi Achiume, green solutions “are being implemented at the expense of racially and ethnically marginalised groups”.

Achiume has considerable past form in discovering racism wherever she looks, although of course it might be noted that it is part of her job description. In 2018 she came to Britain, and after a two week tour of the country in the company of the now Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy, declared Britain was a more racist country after Brexit. She went on to criticise Government efforts made at the time to clamp down on illegal migrants, stating it produced a “hostile environment“.

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