Should you buy a Ford Transit or a Toyota Hiace?

Many people are confused when choosing between Toyota Hiace or Ford Transit as a 16-seat passenger driver. So which car is suitable for customers as well as bringing optimal profits for owners?

Ford Transit vs Toyota Hiace: Exterior

Toyota Hiace’s exterior

Compared to the size, the Toyota Hiace is quite small, the Length x Width x Height is only 5380 x 1880 x 2285 (mm) compared to the Ford Transit (5780 x 2000 x 2360). However, the Hiace’s chassis is quite high (185 mm) to move on rough roads easier than the Transit (165mm). Another advantage of Toyota cars is that the car is quite light. Hiace weighs only 2045 – 2145 kg when not loaded, even a full load is only 3300 kg, much lighter than Ford Transit (Full load weight is 3730 kg). A lighter truck usually consumes less fuel, Toyota captures and does this very well, so its cars are often appreciated in terms of economy.

Ford Transit vs Toyota Hiace: Interior

Regarding the interior-exterior, according to information from the manufacturer, Ford Transit has up to 6 colors for customers to choose from while Toyota Hiace only has 2 colors: white and silver. While the Ford Transit is equipped with fog lights, the Hiace lacks this feature, which is detrimental for passenger trips to the east or through dense foggy highlands. The air conditioning system only stops at a rather limited two-way level.

CD sound system with 4-speaker system is usually just enough to serve minimal entertainment on the car during the journey. Seat material is also a concern. Both versions of Hiace use felt seats, while the high-end Transit has been covered with high-quality leather. In return, Hiace has a few useful features such as the rearview mirror inside 2 day / night modes to improve visibility when it is dark.

Ford Transit vs Toyota Hiace: Safety features

In terms of safety equipment, both models are very limited: only an anti-lock braking system and a few airbags. Hiace equips airbags for the driver and front passenger, while the Ford Transit only has airbags for the driver.

In conclusion, the Toyota Hiace attracts buyers with its practical design features, optimal fuel economy, well-kept car, and easy, affordable spare parts. Meanwhile, Ford is still the best diesel engine maker, the car is quite large, and spacious but quite heavy, this is also a limitation for the passenger car line, besides some disadvantages in terms of maintenance costs. Car maintenance as well as the ability to replace parts is quite limited is a point that many people consider quite carefully before choosing to buy this car.

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