Manila Luzon shuns complicated skincare routines

When it comes to skincare, Manila Luzon declares that more isn’t always better.

For the record, the international drag superstar/Drag Den Philippines host prefers to keep her skincare routine simple.

“It takes me so long just to put the makeup on,” Manila told (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

She continued, “When I don’t have to do the makeup, I don’t want do anything with my skin. I just want it to relax, take a day off.

“So I don’t have like the… I’m not putting the serums, not doing the creams.

“I’m not sleeping with cucumbers on my face because I feel like my skin already has enough abuse from all the heavy drag makeup that I wear.” interviewed Manila Luzon during the intimate luncheon at the Manila House Private Club in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig hosted by Avignon Clinic last September 19, 2022.


Backtracking a bit, Manila Luzon expressed willingness to give new skin treatments a try.

She said. “Before, I never thought about the treatment of my skin… to my adulthood.

“And then now, as I am starting to be introduced into all of these fabulous treatments at Avignon.

“My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of what else I can do to improve the health and look of my skin.

“So, you know, in five years, maybe, I’ll be giving you a long list of all the serums, and creams, and night creams, and things that I’ve been using.

“But, yeah, right now, I’m just letting my skin breathe by itself for sure.”

In the meantime, how has Manila Luzon kept her skin looking flawless all this time?

“Soap and lots of water, that helps!” she quipped.



The Filipino-American drag personality recounted the time she started exploring makeup when she was in her teens, mainly to hide the blemishes on her face.

“Actually, when I was 13 years old, I had really bad acne and so I was really embarrassed about it.

“And I remember, as a boy, wishing that it was socially normal for me to put on some foundation just to cover up the acne scars and the redness and the bumps.

“Just so that I could have more confidence.

“I’m really excited that these days, especially cosmetics and makeup are becoming used more generally.

“Like, it’s like more acceptable for a boy to wear makeup now.

For Manila Luzon, the best advice she can share with others about using makeup was to explore and keep practicing.

As she put it, “I really learned from cosmetics is that your face is like a canvas and you can be creative…


“And you can highlight the features of your face that you love and bring attention to them and then downplay the ones that you don’t like.

“So I would suggest to a 13-year-old who wants to play with some makeup to go ahead and try, practice in the mirror, take selfies.

“And you know, when they’re confident, take that beautiful painting on their face out into the world and go ahead and do it.

“And know that there are people who support you and think that that’s a talent.”


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