Lauren Reid just had a closet detox: “I just sold all my clothes”

Lauren Reid naturally radiates a “cool girl” vibe, especially when it comes to her fashion choices.

She recently made a bold fashion move by doing a closet detox and selling almost all of her clothes.

“I just sold all my clothes, like I cleared out everything,” she revealed in an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last October 26, 2022, Wednesday, at the launch of 0917 Lifestyle’s pop-up in Bonifacio High Street.

I’ve just got tank tops jeans and some home clothes.”

Lauren listed down a few major reasons behind her decision.

“I had so many things I hadn’t used in years, and my style changed.

“I donated the rest that didn’t get sold, then the money went to building my home pottery studio and travel for my sister’s wedding in December.”



Now that she has more room in her closet, Lauren is excited to go shopping for new clothes.

She exclaimed, “Now that I have sold stuff, I am ready to go shopping!”

But the 29-year-old Filipina-Aussie actress and model reiterated that she still takes the practical and sustainable approach when buying new outfits.

This is also the main reason why she’s not really into designer labels.

Lauren noted, “I’m not big on branded things.

“I think they are gorgeous and super cute, but I’m pretty practical when it comes to clothes.

“I am more into sustainable brands [and] I do a lot of shopping in Australia.”

A few of her Aussie fashion picks are Assembly Lable, Steele, and Country Road.

“I am pushing 30 now and I am embracing it.

“I can see that my clothing style and how I dress are different from a few years ago,” Lauren shared.


As a cool girl, Lauren keeps her style comfortable, simple, and authentic.

She admits that she’s developed her own style, and does away with others’ opinions.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks about what I am wearing as long as I’m comfortable and confident and I feel good about it.

“I really cared a lot about what other people thought when I was younger. But now, that’s not true, it’s really freeing.”

On a normal day, she goes for Dr. Martens and Birkenstocks for footwear.

“I am usually in some jeans. I’m in a blazer and tank top.”


Although she is in the spotlight, Lauren maintains an air of mystery, especially since she can be quite elusive, spending her time in La Union, Sydney, and Manila.

She seems to be in flux all the time, keeping busy in her personal life, different partnerships, and creative projects, among many other endeavors.


She revealed that she is studying again, in preparation for the next phase in her life.

“A lot of people don’t know I am back in university.”

Lauren continued, “I’m finishing my degree in Business and Human Resources Management.”

She also added one more endeavor to her list as the fashion brand ambassador for 0917 Lifestyle.

Lauren was introduced alongside fellow ambassadors DJ Mike Lavarez for Music, Andrei Suleik for Art and Photography, and Renzie Barcelo, also known as Doc Z Gaming, for Streaming and Gaming.

Regarding this new project, she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity.

“I am so blessed to be part of 0917. It’s a dream come true. It’s one of those brands that you really want to work with.

“But now that I am, it’s really wow. Seeing myself on their social media posts, it’s really nice.”



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