Inka Magnaye, the voice behind PAL’s in-flight announcements, travels abroad for the first time

TikTok content creator Inka Magnaye recently visited Singapore for a seven-day trip, and she could not help but shed tears of joy.

It was her first time to travel abroad, and it was also the first time she heard her in-flight voice-over for Philippine Airlines.

This was revealed in a TikTok video on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, after one of Inka’s followers told her, “Mukha kang mayaman na afford magtravel.”

Inka admitted she “can’t afford” to travel and considers traveling a luxury more than a necessity.

The 33-year-old voice talent explained, “Every time I think about traveling, it sounds like so much fun.

“And then I think about plane tickets, accommodations, food, pocket money for whatever I need, transportation, and then pasalubong.

“And you know, as much as I know that travel will be good for me, these are expenses that I can’t justify on my own.

“Kasi the way I think of it is the plane tickets to and from will be my rent. The food and accommodation alone for that trip would be my groceries.


“Transportation, pocket money, those things can go to my bills.”


Becoming a breadwinner at a young age made Inka prioritize her family’s needs over exploring the world.

She recalled, “I think of these things because of what happened when I was a teenager.

“Remember, I made kuwento to you guys that my parents’ business burned down and then, we couldn’t afford to go to school so we home-schooled.


“I had to pull out of school. You know that story.

“So I think that happening to me made me so hyper-aware of these responsibilities that I now have as an adult.

“Because, again, I’m the primary breadwinner of my home so these are things that I need to think about and not just the current bills that I have.

“I need to have money saved for whatever else happens, like, in case of emergencies. So I really can’t afford to travel.”

Inka further revealed that she rarely goes shopping for new clothes.

“I think I go shopping like, what, once every quarter for, like, new clothes.

“I literally have underwear that’s been with me for, like, two decades already and it has so many holes. And I only, just now, bought new pairs of underwear.”


Being a freelancer also makes it more challenging for her to save up for a trip.


She said, “I think also the reason for this is I’m [a] freelancer so it’s not like I have regular sweldo coming in 15/30. It’s harder for me to budget money that doesn’t come in regularly.”

Inka noted that she was able to visit some other places in the country, including Cebu, Boracay, and Davao.

But these out-of-town trips were made possible by either her relatives or her work.

“Like, before when I was younger, I went to Cebu to see my family, but my grandmother paid for that.

“I’ve also been to Boracay and to Davao, but those trips were work trips. So that was paid for by the client.

“My trip now, Singapore. This is sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board so, I’m also not paying for anything because this is a work trip. Work and fun.”

However, Inka clarified she enjoys traveling when it’s done in a money-savvy way.


For instance, she and her friends head to Tagaytay and nearby beach destinations where they can go camping instead of booking a hotel.

I do try to do traveling, like, to the best of my financial capabilities.

“That’s why I like going to Tagaytay and exploring the little nooks and crannies of it so I can get the most out of the places here in the Philippines.

“Also, when I travel to the beach, especially pre-pandemic, I would always carpool with my friends para hati-hati sa gas.

“We would also look for camping spots so it’s way cheaper than booking a hotel.

“As in camping talaga like, with the tent and the sleeping bags and all that stuff. It’s super fun. So yeah, that’s the reason why.”

For now, Inka said she has to work harder for her to afford to travel.

“I’m gonna keep working hard so one day, I can afford to travel. Until then, I have work opportunities like this one. And the really nice local places we have at home.”



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