ICYMI: Jose Mari Chan and Ariel Rivera join Mimiyuuuh in an epic Christmas carol

The Christmas season brings in plenty of surprises, from gifts to delicious meals. You will never run out of reasons to look forward to the most beautiful time of the year. Speaking of surprises, who knew that such an iconic trio could come together to surprise an unwitting family on their much-awaited family reunion? Imagine opening your door to the most famous set of carolers to ever grace your home–composed of none other than your girl Mimiyuuuh, actor-balladeer Ariel Rivera, and the Father of Philippine Christmas Songs himself, Jose Mari Chan!

Is this the ultimate collab of the year, or what? Sing your heart out as Mimi and Ariel join Jose Mari Chan spread the Christmas fever all over the city with a memorable Christmas #MacReunion jingle that Tito Joe, a.k.a. the Jose Mari Chan, wrote for Lady’s Choice himself.

Christmas #MacReunion time

After years of celebrating Christmas apart, families all over the Philippines can’t wait to finally celebrate Noche Buena face-to-face. The Tupas family, featured in the film, is just one of many Filipino clans who have started to reunite and celebrate all their Christmas traditions. The family has come together for an early Christmas reunion to honor their late patriarch, fondly called Tatay Pasko, by keeping close-knit Christmas salusalos. From starting Christmas morning with holiday songs to preparing their fam-fave Macaroni Salad, for them, the happiest day of every year is their Christmas celebration.

Amid the holiday cheer, the family couldn’t help but wistfully recall how they missed each other during the previous years amid the strict lockdowns that limited their face-to-face interaction. The last two years narrowed their celebrations, making them sad and nostalgic, especially missing family members who have not come home due to the pandemic.

Imagine the family’s surprise when they open their door and see none other than Mimi, Ariel, and Jose Mari Chan singing carols and bearing early Christmas gifts–including long-lost relatives they have missed all this time.

Indeed, the spirit of Christmas makes reunions extra unique and extra joyful. So, like the Tupas family, who pays loving attention and devotion to their Christmas traditions of music, games, and a delicious spread of food, let’s make this year’s reunion memorable. Although we missed seeing loved ones during the previous years, we always have a shot at clinching lost Christmas memories.

Throw in the decorations, play your favorite Christmas tunes, and delight the family with iconic Christmas dishes like the Macaroni Salad. Make it your own by personalizing your ingredient and adding a generous amount of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. So make your holiday reunion sweeter and better with a bowl of Lady’s Choice Macaroni Salad!

It’s Christmas #MacReunion time. Make your Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise Macaroni Salad this holiday. Shop Lady’s Choice online via Shopee, Lazada, GoCart, or UStore. Visit Lady’s Choice Philippines’ website for tips and recipes, or follow its official FB page.

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