How Mimiyuuuh, Megan Young overcome insecurity about their teeth

One thing social-media personality Mimiyuuuh and former Miss World title holder Megan Young have in common is that both grew up feeling insecure about their teeth.

That became the topic in their short chat with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last September 14, 2022 during their launch as ambassadors of Colgate Optic White 2.

Mimiyuuuh has always been known for her mesiodens or the extra tooth located between her two front teeth. Growing up, this used to be one of her biggest insecurities.

The throwback family photos she posted on Instagram on September 12, 2022 showed how she was awkwardly trying to hide her teeth while smiling.


Mimiyuuuh recounted to, “Parang 7th birthday po yun ni Bebe, and sobrang insecure ko po sa pangit [ng ipin ko].”

Bebe is Mimiyuuuh’s youngest sibling.

She continued, “So parang po sa maraming tao, ganito lang po ako mag-smile [closed mouth]. So parang sobrang tipid lang po.”

Her semi-kalbo haircut at that time also added to her insecurity.

Mimiyuuuh recalled, “Kasi di ba po, kapag mga elementary, palaging naka-semi-kalbo.

“As in yung nanay ko… pinapaupo niya ako sa barbero, ‘I-semi-kalbo mo yung anak ko…’

“E, parang ako, naiiyak talaga ako nun. Ayoko talaga ng semi-kalbo kong buhok nun.”

In the case of Megan, her “bunny teeth,” so-called, took a toll on her confidence because she was constantly teased about them.

The Kapuso actress said, “Actually, tinutukso ako dati dahil sa teeth ko.

“Kasi siyempre pag bata ka, di ba, ang liit ng ulo mo ‘tapos ang laki ng ipin mo, hindi pa nagfu-fully grow.


“So parang when I was younger, nako-conscious ako kasi malaki yung lips ko, ‘tapos malaki yung teeth. So parang, ‘Ano, lahat na lang malaki?’

“So nung time na yun, sobrang naco-conscious talaga ako, parang, ‘Bakit naman ganito yung ngiti ko?’

“Nag-braces pa ako, after ko mag-braces, nag-sungki naman. Nakakapagod naman mag-braces [ulit].”



According to Megan, she eventually learned to live with her bunny smile without issue.

She said,”As long as I jknow na okay yung dental health ko, I was fine na.

“If there’s a time na ipapaayos ko yung teeth ko na straight, mag-braces ako, why not?

“Pero as of now, I’m healthy and I’m happy and that’s what matters.”

Mimiyuuh, on the other hand, decided not to fix her mesiodens and instead found a way to capitalize on it.

And look at her now—famous despite her teeth.

The 25-year-old content creator told, “As time passed by po, na-realize ko na, ‘Sino ba ang kailangan ko i-please?’ You know what I’m sayin’? But myself.

“So I started accepting na hindi po talaga ako magiging perfect like other people.”

What she was saying, keep flashing that million-watt smile, crooked or misaligned teeth and all.

“To be honest, people na confident, mas nakaka-attract sila, di ba? Yung kaya nilang dalhin yung sarili nila.


“And parang yung smile, parang nakakagaan ng pakiramdam.

“Kasi yung smile po talaga, it really affects [people].”


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