Cheska Garcia, Doug Kramer get sentimental over son Gavin turning 10

The youngest Kramer just hit double digits!

On January 15, 2023, celebrity couple Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer both took to Instagram to dedicate a lengthy birthday post to their unico hijo, Gavin Kramer, who just turned 10.

Gavin Kramer turns 10

On her page, Cheska lists her boy’s best qualities.

She writes (published as is), “Happy Birthday To My Sweet Sweet Boy! [heart emoji] I hope you had a great time celebrating your special day. [smiley]

“Gavin, I just want you to always remember that I love you so much and I am so thankful for you.

“How I wish I could freeze time and keep you little for as long as I want. But, know that, no matter how tall you get and no matter your age, you will always be my darling boy.

“You have a gift of compassion, and empathy. You are always friendly and don’t struggle in any way to make friends.


“I love that about you, Gavin. May time and life never change you. And, may your growing faith and walk with the Lord grow with each new morning. [heart emoji]

“You complete our family of 5. [heart emoji] Iove you so very very much, GAVIBOY!!!”

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Meanwhile, Doug leaves gentlemanly pieces of advice for the little man of the family.

His caption reads (published as is): “0-10 just like that! [crying emoji]

“To my one and only baby boy Gavin, Happy Birthday my son! The little boy who shadows me everywhere I go, and whatever I do!

“They say, “A father is a son’s first hero.” Therefore, the example I should set for you should be the highest bench mark.

“Put the Lord first in everything you do; Always respect women, love your mom and sisters unconditionally, and always try to be the best servant leader to others.



“I’ll always be your number one cheerleader and your number one disciplinarian. Daddy believes in you so much!

“I love you more and more everyday Gavin! Happy 10th bday!! [heart emoji]”

Although Team Kramer has yet to post photos from the birthday celebration, Gavin’s friend Rafael tagged him in a few photos he shared from the intimate event.

Gavin Kramer with friends on his 10th birthday


Gavin Kramer with friends on his 10th birthday


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