Calendar girl Ria Atayde addresses body shamers

How does White Castle Whisky’s new calendar girl Ria Atayde deal with harsh comments about her body?

She asks the body shamers this question: “Kailangan ba you make people sad? Anong point?”

She was announced as the liquor brand’s newest calendar girl at a press conference held on January 17, 2023, at Pandan Asian Cafe in Quezon City.

White Castle Whisky 2023 calendar girl Ria Atayde

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Although calendar girls are stereotypically known for their enviable beauty and physique, the brand advocates for beauty in all shapes and sizes.

That’s why Ria feels happy to be chosen this year.

She says, “Very excited to show to the people our campaign. Big girls don’t usually get the chance to do this. It’s really about embracing your body.

“Beauty goes in all forms and sizes. You can be wholesome and sexy. You don’t have to show more skin to be sexy. You just have to show your confidence.”

White Castle Whisky 2023 calendar girl Ria Atayde

Since celebrities are always subject to public scrutiny, this makes them easy targets for body shamers.

Ria knows this all too well, and has developed her own strategies to deal with them.

She advises other victims of body shaming, “Kaya niyo iyan. It took so long for me to get to a point bago ko mahalin ang sarili ko.

“Just do things to make yourself healthy. You don’t have to look a certain way. Focus on yourself. Turn off the noise.

“I work out not because I hate my body but because I want to be healthy. It’s a matter of turning off the noise. People will sure have a lot to say.

“Love your body and everything will follow. It’s about love. Also, it’s valid na ma-conscious tayo. But you just have to turn off the noise.”


When the offer to become White Castle Whisky’s 2023 calendar girl came, Ria received nothing but love and support from the people who matter most to her.

“When this was pitched to us, andun din ang parents,” she recounts.

“Hinahayaan na nila ako to decide. There was no discussion anymore.

“Supportive silang lahat. The whole point of this calendar is really about being confident.”


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