Atasha Muhlach to represent the Philippines at the Le Bal des Débutantes in Paris this November 2022

Atasha Muhlach marks high society debut in upcoming Paris ball.

On September 3, 2022, Atasha Muhlach, daughter of celebrity couple Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez, announced on Instagram that she will be partaking in the Le Bal des Débutantes this coming November.

Atasha wrote, “So happy and grateful to be given the opportunity to take part representing the Philippines in le Bal des débutantes in Paris 2022 November.”


Unlike most debutante balls, Le Bal des Débutantes invites only the most affluent young daughters of royalty, Hollywood elite, political leaders, influential public figures, and business magnates.

More than being a fashion event, it also holds a humanitarian goal. Atasha revealed that this year, the ball is set “to raise funds for Necker enfants Malades hospital in association for the cardiology research for fetus to adult.”

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Her mother, Charlene, also expressed how proud she is of the 21-year-old.

The Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1994 titleholder thanked the organizations and inidividuals behind Atasha’s new accomplishment as well.

“It’s such an honor for Atasha to be part of such a ‘philanthropic project like which aims to raise funds and helps support charities that uplift and help the youth and women,’” she wrote.

“This years beneficiaries will be going to the ‘first pediatric hospital created in the world to help children.’

“Thank you @sabina.bilenko for sharing your masterpieces with Atasha & thank you again to Ophélie, Anton San Diego & for sharing this wonderful opportunity with Atasha & for guiding her and holding her hands every step of the way. Your kindness is deeply appreciated.”

Since its inception in 1994, Le Bal des Débutantes has become one of the most prominent and prestigious fashion and charitable balls in the world, that has brought together 20-25 selected debutantes, aged 16 to 22, from various nations.



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