Alden Richards shares advice to prevent gaming addiction

Gaming addiction is a serious problem where playing has become the life of the afflicted, a grave concern of professional gamers themselves.

Kapuso heartthrob Alden Richards, an avid gamer himself, also has a say on the matter, citing a U.S. study that shows gaming as one of thetop five addictions today.

“Syempre nandiyan yung alcohol, of course yung drug use, [and then] gaming is part of that. So parang mahirap talaga siyang balansehin.”

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Alden admitted he’s been into gaming as a hobby sincehe was seven years old when he was introduced to it.

He said, “Coming from experience when I was young, when you’re a kid and you started gaming, mas lamang yung cons kasi gaming is very addicting.”

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As a warning, he recalled getting hooked on gaming until self-control got the better of him.

Alden said, “Ako kasi, of course, there was a time I really became addicted to gaming.

“To the point na, you know, nag-iisip ka ng different ways to play, especially the times when you go to computer shops and you pay for your gaming experience.

“So ano yun e, of course, you have to go through that first.”

Being aware of the pros and cons of gaming, particularly its potential to become an addiction, Alden said it could be avoided with the right coaching and time management.

His thoughts: “Suwerte nalang din siguro yung iba na kahit gustung-gusto nila maging gamers, nama-manage na nila yung addiction.

“But there’s a thin line also between being too much into it and being not too much into it.

“It’s all about management and proper guidance from people who are part of that world. All [young gamers] need is proper guidance and time management,


“In an adult’s perspective and right now, like we’re talking about gaming right now in 2022, yes [the pros outweigh the cons], very much.”


A few things to leverage from gaming, according to Alden, is by “being a streamer, joining different competitions.”

He said, “Nowadays kasi, gaming has been very big in our industry. We’re really acknowledging the profit potential of being part of the gaming world.

“You know kasi the digital world is really growing bigger right now, so hindi tayo dapat maging oblivious with that fact.

“Kasi eventually magugulat tayo na sobrang laki niya na and yet we’re left behind and we’ll ask ourselves ‘bakit hindi ko sinimulan?'”


Regarding the time he allots for gaming, Alden said, “Usually I play games every free time that I have.

“Pag free time siyempre a lot of games are also mobile na so whenever may free time.

“But I don’t let gaming get in the way of my work. I’ve set a boundary na I am a gamer but hanggang dito muna, hanggang dito lang siya.

“I will not let it be a tool to affect my acting… yung being an actor, or parang let it be in the way.

“But usually on a regular basis, like now we have a shoot. Pero after this kapag pag-uwi sa bahay, ayun I play games.

“But hindi siya yung first thought of the day. Minsan lang yon kapag walang work.

“Again, time management.”



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