10 times Megan Young, Mikael Daez prove absence makes hearts grow fonder while worlds apart

Being away from a loved one for a period of time can be hard for some couples, married or not.

But for celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez, their temporary separation has only excited them both, proving the adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Their tandem—known as Bonez (coined after Megan’s prominent collarbones) and Fofo (referencing to Mikael’s failed attempt at saying “mofo”—has gotten into a situation recently when both of them have to be away from home for some reason or another.

In the case of Megan, it is going solo during her trip to the States for some touring adventure and reuniting with friends. She left for New York last month.

Mikael, on the other hand, is away for two months for the filming of his latest project, GMA-7’s newest variety program, Running Man Philippines,

The show’s entire pilot season is being shot in South Korea.

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Here are the couple’s 10 Instagram moments in which they declare in their messages how much they’ve been missing each other during their brief separation.

1. A day after Megan left fot her solo trip in the U.S. in the last week June, Mikael aired in this lengthy note his feelings about their separation.

“The first is I am SUPER excited for Bonez. At the time of this writing she’s reenacting The Terminal by Tom Hanks…

“The second feeling is a bit mixed. We haven’t been apart from one another since this pandemic started so to have this new status quo for the next two months is going to be interesting.

“The last feeling is a sense of intrigue for the future. Being in foreign places and new situations has always taught me so many new lessons.”

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2. Megan typed this post before her flight to New York, “Hindi ko kasama si Fofo sa trip na to!!! Yehey!! [emoji] kidding aside, aaminin ko… miss ko na ang travel buddy ko.”

3. In another post, Megan sent out senti vibes based on an old video she uploaded, which shows the two of them hugging.

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She wrote in the caption, “missing Fofo like crazy right now but he’s hard at work and I’m an independent woman hahaha! Jokes aside, I am enjoying missing him!

“Don’t get me wrong – I love being with Fofo! But I also love that we have this time away from each other so that we can also grow individually at para lalo kami maging clingy pag nagkita ulit”

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4. The couple enjoys having coffee together and playing Ragnarok online, which Mikael missed in their first few days apart.

He wrote, “But honestly, it’s only been a few days away from here and the adjustment has been pretty big. Nobody to make coffee for me, wala na akong ka-ragnarok..

“However, I also stand by my prediction that there’s so much that both of us will learn from this separation.”

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5. Here’s Megan getting soppy and letting it out in a post:

“Pagbigyan niyo na ako please [emoji] sepanx is real right now [emoji]

“While having coffee ALONE this morning, namiss ko ung geeky mornings namin ni Fofo [emoji]”

6. Megan all dressed up for a date but missing Mikael miles away:

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“Wanted to go out so dressed up for my date.. pero nasa ibang bansa pala date ko.. So I guess I’m just gonna look cute at home..”

7. The couple exchanging mushy messages over a pix showing them photobombing an elegant snap of a swan:

Mikael wrote, “Ps, mamimiss ba ako ni Bonez kung pinost ko toh? #PaAnswerPo”

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Megan sassily replied, “Hay [emoji] miss mo na talaga ako [emoji]”

8. The Miss World 2013 titleholder gets shaded by her hubby after a funny storytime about their old video.

Megan kidded, “Cheesy vibes for tonight because I was going through my phone and I found this video of Fofo drying my hair before going to bed. Kaya ayaw ko nang maligo para di na ako maging senti hahahaha char lang.”

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Mikael quipped back, “Di ka naman talaga naliligo. Once a week lang diba?? [emoji].”

9. Looks like Megan isn’t the only one skimming through the camera roll.

“Day 3 of Boneezy being away from me. I have stumbled upon the phase of looking back at our memories

“These are some random and mostly unused clips from the time we got married to the present. In fairness, ang dami pala naming nagawa kahit ang daming lockdown haha.

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10. Bonez-Fofo tandem gets kilig over their latest video chat.

“Dapat sandaling chikahan lang ito. Tapos biglang dumating si hubby with kilig vibes”

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