WATCH author confront Canadian FM for ‘escalating’ Russia-Ukraine war

The West is “provoking” a world war by using Ukraine as a “proxy” against Russia, writer Yves Engler shouted as he hijacked the minister’s speech.

Writer and activist Yves Engler interrupted a speech by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly, accusing the authorities in Ottawa of escalating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and increasing the risk of it turning into a global confrontation.

Engler shared a clip of himself confronting the foreign minister on Twitter on Tuesday.

It showed the leftist writer entering the conference hall and walking towards the stage, shouting: “Stop escalating the war. Stop sending arms to Ukraine… You’re going to push us to World War III.”

Canada, which along with the US and other Western nations backs Ukraine in the ongoing conflict, has sent so many rocket launchers, grenades, and other equipment to Kiev that it has “exhausted” its own military’s stockpile of weapons, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said last week.

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