Moderna’s ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines Are Injecting Toxic Lab-Grade SM102 into People

Moderna’s Covid injection — which has been administered more than 121 million times since the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) granted it an emergency use authorisation in December — includes 10 ingredients,” wrote in May 2021, “it uses an ingredient called SM-102 to deliver the mRNA.”

So, what is SM-102 and is it harmful? Let’s find out wrote Jessica Rose.

SM-102 is a lipid that you can order online for laboratory use. It is referred to as an ‘ionisable amino lipid’.

The first thing that any good ‘chemist’ does when ordering a new ‘chemical’ is to check out the Material Safety Data Sheet (“MSDS”) safety sheet.1 2 See the MSDS for SM-102. I will list 3 pages here as per Cayman’s SM-102 product listed online.

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