Macron wants to introduce food vouchers

The French president has warned of a “global food crisis” resulting from military actions in Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his promise to issue struggling families with food vouchers amid sharp rises in fuel and raw materials costs, caused, as he claimed, by the ongoing Russian military offensive in Ukraine.

In an interview with France Bleu radio on Tuesday, Macron said the world is facing “a global food crisis.

Emphasizing that France has advised fellow European countries to come up with a “concerted response” to this issue, the president, who is facing the election on April 10, said his government has already taken a number of measures, including energy caps and fuel discounts, to support the country’s residents.

Stressing that Ukraine and Russia “are true barns for the international food supply,” Macron said: “I want to introduce food vouchers to help the most modest households and the middle classes to face these additional costs.” He added that he would also want his compatriots “to buy locally” and to buy French products.

Macron has mulled the idea of food vouchers since December 2020, now making it one of his campaign promises.

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