HIDING THE HARM: Pfizer documents expose doctor with ties to Bill Gates Foundation deleting trial participant’s COVID vaccine injury

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(Natural News) An Argentinian man who participated in Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” trials suffered a serious adverse event that was deleted from the system by a doctor connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Dr. Fernando Polack, Pfizer’s lead investigator for the Argentine trials, reported that Augusto Roux, the participant in question, had to be hospitalized for reasons “not related to the vaccine.”

The latest court-ordered document dump from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows that Roux “felt pain and swelling in his arm right after the injection.”

“Later that day, he had nausea, difficulty swallowing and felt hungover,” the document revealed.

During a clinical trial visit on Aug. 23, 2020, Roux was classified as experiencing a “toxicity grade 1 adverse effect.” Even so, he was still given a second dose of Pfizer’s messenger RNA (mRNA) injection on Sept. 9, 2020.

On the way home by taxi, Roux “started feeling unwell,” experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, burning pain in his chest and extreme fatigue. Once he got home, he laid down on his bed and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Roux woke up with nausea and a fever and was unable to get out of bed because he was too tired to move. For the next few days, Roux reported a high fever and feelings of delirium. On Sept. 11, 2020, he got out of bed to go to the bathroom and noticed that his urine was dark in color, similar to Coca-Cola.

“He felt as if his heart expanded, had a sudden lack of breath and fell unconscious on the floor for approximately 3 hours,” wrote blogger David Healy.

“Once he recovered, he felt tired, was uncomfortable, had a high heart rate on minor movement, was dizzy when changing posture. He had a chest pain which radiated to his left arm and back.”

Bill Gates doesn’t want the world to know that COVID jabs are deadly

Roux was admitted to the Hospital Alemán where he stayed for two days. He initially thought he had the Fauci Flu, but tests came up negative. His symptoms were also found to not be related to viral pneumonia.

After a series of X-rays, CT scans and urine tests, Roux was discharged on Sept. 14, 2020, and given a diagnosis of an adverse reaction called pericardial effusion, which was caused by Pfizer’s COVID jab.

However, once Polack got involved, Roux was turned into the “disappeared” patient. His records were basically removed from the trial data as if he had never received the injections and never developed any adverse reactions.

“On November 13 [2020], he had negative IgG and IgM SARS COV-2 (QML technique), which is unusual post vaccine,” Healy added about Roux, who ultimately lost more than 30 pounds in about three months and continued to suffer from fever and bouts of breathlessness for numerous months after that.

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