Great Reset Digital Identity Pushed By Cult-Owned Fascist Trudeau

The Canadian government and the World Economic Forum are now pushing a digital ID, this is part of the Great Reset, more centralization and reliance on digital forms, they want control of every aspects of our lives.
Here is a the PDF DIACC_DigitalIDEcosystem-2019 of the Digital Identity Ecosystems by the World Economic Forum in attachments, they are using Covid-19 to push a digital ID verification plan, they are linking it to financial services which would give governments access to peoples bank accounts, also healthcare, travel, e-commerce would all be linked to someone’s digital ID, the government would not only know what people have in their bank account, they will know what they have purchased, when they have travelled abroad, when they have gone to the hospital etc ,Canada is already on board.
A company in France called Thales is also pushing Digital ID Wallet in this advertisement on YouTube here;

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