Death Rates Are Higher After Mass Fake Vaccinations, An Analysis of Worldwide Data Reveals

Joel Smalley, a quantitative data analyst, has published an updated analysis of Covid deaths and all-cause deaths in relation to vaccination rates for 202 countries using data from Our World in Data. He has titled it ‘Covid Requiem Aeternam

In only 38 countries is there a discernible reduction in Covid deaths after vaccination programmes began.  For the other 164 countries both the rate and the number of Covid deaths after vaccination programs are higher than before.

In not one of the 101 countries that report all-cause mortality is cumulative excess mortality lower than it was at the time mass vaccination programs began.  And in 70 of these countries, the rate of cumulative excess mortality is higher after Covid vaccination programs began.

This is a global public health failure of truly unprecedented and epic proportions.

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