Cult-owned Jacinda Ardern admits Highly Fake Vaccinated New Zealand ‘is losing the “Covid” battle because the Jabs don’t work’

Not only are boosters ineffective, but the excess mortality currently running in New Zealand points to a serious health deficit among the vaccinated, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is fully aware of this.

Leading New Zealand epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker, in an interview with the NZ Herald, says that we are “losing the arms race with the virus”. Covid cases have increased by 50% within the last 9 days in an “abrupt rise”. Baker said “It’s a dynamic, a battle between us and the virus and there are factors mainly favouring the virus”. The article reported hospitals were overwhelmed.

NZ data shows that Covid cases and hospitalisations are decreasing among the unvaccinated, but increasing among the vaccinated, but incredibly, Baker called for new mRNA vaccines to be rolled out urgently. Notably, Baker used terminology usually associated with wartime.

Inexplicably excess all-cause mortality has not affected pandemic policy

In contrast, Professor John Gibson, economist at Waikato University, has published a paper showing that not only are boosters ineffective, but the excess mortality currently running in New Zealand points to a serious health deficit among the vaccinated. Similar rises have been measured around the world, often affecting the young and working age. So why is this kind of analysis not turning heads?

New Zealand is among the most highly vaccinated nations in the world. As the published scientific data and analysis seems to be offering some very clear negative health conclusions about mRNA vaccination, why are we still lacking a rational resolution, and simply calling for more vaccination? It is a very personal concern for all of us to puzzle out how this came about.

Many of you write to me with your own analysis and also send links to other writers and researchers. Some people are focusing on the role of the World Economic Forum and the great reset, others on the profit motive of pharmaceutical companies. There is a very wide range of political, scientific, social, medical, and religious perspectives among commentators and correspondents. Some people perceive sinister and alarming objectives at work.

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