Cult-owned-and-created WHO issues fresh warning over ‘monkeypox’ to explain fake-vaccine induced shingles

Monkeypox cases have tripled in Europe over the past two weeks, the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed on Friday, warning that “urgent and coordinated action” is required.

According to the WHO’s regional director for Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge, monkeypox cases have been reported in six new countries and areas since mid-June, taking the total to 31. During the same period, the number of new cases in the region has tripled to 4,500.

The International Health Regulations (IHR) Emergency Committee will soon revise its evaluation of the outbreak’s significance, Kluge revealed. The current position of the committee is that the outbreak “does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern.”

“There is simply no room for complacency – especially right here in the European region with its fast-moving outbreak that with every hour, day and week is extending its reach into previously unaffected areas,” the regional director said.

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