China Researching Creepy AI Face Recognition Technology Which Detects ‘Party Loyalty’

Researchers in China are developing technology that uses AI face recognition to determine a citizen’s loyalty to the ‘party’ and their subservience to state brainwashing.

Yes, really.

A video posted by the Hefei Comprehensive Science Center which was subsequently deleted showed researchers using such technology to “discern the level of acceptance for ideological and political education.”

“Communist Party members can then be assessed in the levels of “determination to be grateful to the party, listen to the party and follow the party,” reports the Telegraph.

After receiving negative attention, the video was removed from the institute’s website and Chinese censors began scrubbing all mention of it from social media sites.

“The video showed a researcher viewing content extolling the CCP on a TV screen as his face biometrics data, skin electrical responses, and brain signal information is collected by the AI program,” writes Will Henney.

The data collected by the program then ranks a person’s “learning attentiveness” and “emotional identification,” thereby determining if they need to be further re-educated in order to display the proper level of support for the government.

As ever, technocrats in the west will be licking their lips at the prospect of one day launching similar programs under the guise of a new social credit score.

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