Boney M’s Sheyla Bonnick and Russia’s Alexy Filatov with Peace And War – words in English here …

Peace and war, an eternal plan
Again and again they turn man against man.
So restless, so many passions
Again anxiously awaiting our missions
Time is coming, days are numbered,
War doesn’t make us free, have you not wondered?
The planet is held with a thin thread
Cutting it off may be a grave mistake
Freedom readdressed,
Faces of children not touched by a tear
Free from war and death, nothing to fear.
We will live for our children, they will survive,
Protect them  all – yes, keep them alive!
Maybe the time will come,
When we forget what war means.
There is enough sun and sky for everyone.
What divides us, we’ll forget them we’ll understand.
Everyone has a father and a mother.
May all sons and daughters stay withstand the divide.
We are one big family on the planet, nothing to fear.

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