David Bunevacz issues statement after guilty verdict: “My life is now rightfully over and there is no one to blame but myself.”

Isang opisyal na pahayag ang inilabas ni David Buenvacz matapos siyang mahatulang guilty sa mga kasong securities fraud at wire fraud.

Noong November 21, 2022, sinentensiyahanng United States District Court of California ang former Filipino-American decathlete at businessman ng labimpitong taon at anim na buwang pagkakakulong.

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GUILTY. Sa opisyal na pahayag ni David na eksklusibong ipinadala ng kanyang kampo sa Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.ph) ngayong Miyerkules, November 23, 2022, inako niya ang mga paratang laban sa kanya.

At ang sukdulan pa raw ay nagawa niyang linlangin ang mga taong itinuring siyang kaibigan.

Pahayag ni David: “I pleaded guilty to securities fraud and wire fraud in the United States District Court of California.

“I have defrauded not only financial institutions but worse was that I betrayed individuals who considered me as their friend.

“Today, in my sentencing, I heard the voices of my friends who became my victims, and it caused me immense grief to hear the pain that I have caused them and their loved ones.”

Patuloy niya, “I am so ashamed of my actions that I could not even look at their faces whose friendship I have betrayed and whose lives I have caused great damage to.

“I can only pray that they would feel some sense of justice with the 17 years prison sentence that was handed to me today.

“I not only preyed on my good friends, but my other unspoken victims were my family.”


Inamin din ni David na nabuhay siya sa kasinungalingan at angpanlilinlang na ginawa niya sa kanyang sariling pamilya at mga kaibigan.

Si David ay asawa ng dating aktres na si Jessica Rodriguez. Mayroon silang tatlong anak.

Saad ng dating atleta: “I have specifically requested my lawyer not to allow any of my family members to attend my sentencing hearing despite their strong objection because I did not want them to hear firsthand what I have kept a secret from them for a very long time.

“Not only did I lie to my friends into thinking that I had a successful cannabis business, but I also deceived my family into thinking that lie.

“Although I was really doing business in the cannabis industry, I deceived my family and friends by portraying myself to be the success that I was not.

“My wife and children never asked for a life of extravagance but to portray myself as a successful businessman, I created a charade by living an opulent lifestyle.”

SEVERE GAMBLING ADDICTION. Sa kanyang opisyal na pahayag ay inamin din ni David ang pagkalulong niya sa sugal, at huli na raw niyang na-realize ang addiction niyang ito.

“When questioned by my wife how we could afford all these things, I deceived her into thinking that her husband was a successful businessman when in reality I have kept my severe gambling addiction hidden from her.

“What is unfortunate about any addiction is that the addict is always the last to acknowledge the problem.



“I can still vividly recall that at my lowest point in Las Vegas, I just locked myself in the restroom and crouched on the floor weeping after a gambling binge where I lost millions in just one night; yet to hide my problem I would tell everyone around me that I won.

“I realized how powerless I was to stop, yet I was too proud to ask for any help. In gambling no one can win unless someone loses, and the house always wins.”

Wala raw sinisisi si David sa nangyari kundi ang sarili niya.

“In my case, I could live with my loss, but I could never forgive myself for the loss I inflicted on good people like my family and friends.

“My road to rehabilitation would be long as I have been living with this addiction since I was a young adult.

“However, I do realize that the first step is for me to acknowledge the pain I have caused my family and friends.

“My life is now rightfully over and there is no one to blame but myself.”

Napagtatnto rin daw ni David na ang labis na maaapektuhan ng nangyari sa kanya ay ang asawa niya at ang kanilang mga anak.

Saad niya, “My wife once made me promise that we would never have a broken family and that was her only reason for agreeing to leave her country with me, yet I am sorry that I would have to break that promise.

“My daughters and I have always dreamed of the day that I would be able to walk them down the wedding aisle, yet I am so sorry for the pain I would cause them by missing the most important event of their life.


“I also promised my son that I would always be a shoulder that he can lean on, yet I now regret that I won’t be able to see him be the man that I could not be.”

Sa huling bahagi ay humingi ng kapatawaran si David sa lahat ng kanyang mga naging biktima.

“To all the people that I have hurt by my actions, I am so sorry for the suffering I have caused and although I can never be able to redeem myself, I just pray that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive the person that has caused you so much pain,” pagtatapos ni David.

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